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Batman – almost

Last night, I almost went to Batman. Yesterday, in fact, could be summed up as an entire day of almosts. You see, I thought I was off yesterday. In my line of work, trauma surgeon, you really have to be mentally prepared to work. I thought I was off yesterday. I took a golf lesson. Then I played 18 holes. Well, almost. I really only played 16 holes of golf because I was paged on the 16th hole. A nurse had a simple question. Before I returned the page, I checked the call schedule (using my cell phone). Damn. I’m on call.

Now it was time to panic. I needed to get off the golf course, get home, get a shower, get dressed and get to the hospital before the ER called me with a critical patient. Luckily, I was driving into the parking lot of the hospital when I got paged about a patient with bilateral forearm lacerations which were deep and bleeding.

Around 11 PM, things were settling down. I had admitted a couple of patients to the hospital. I’d been through the ICU. I’d even seen the nurses up on the trauma floor and addressed any issues or concerns that they had. I thought it was “safe” to sneak out and catch an 11:30 pm showing of the new Batman movie. The movie theater was only 7 minutes from the hospital. I had arrived at the movie theater, bought the ticket, sat down in the theater and was watching the previews. Then my pager went off. It was time to go. I didn’t even get a chance to see the opening credits. Maybe I can try again tomorrow night. 🙂

All in all, considering I didn’t even know I was on call, the night went pretty well.

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Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

I simply do not understand this type of senseless violence.

From WaPo: Gunmen attacked three luxury hotels, a hospital, a train station, a movie theater and other buildings in Mumbai late Wednesday, killing at least 100 people and wounding more than 300 in a rampage through India’s financial capital, police said. The attackers took dozens of people hostage, and witnesses said they were seeking out Americans and Britons. An unknown group asserted responsibility in e-mails to India’s news media.

The gunmen, armed with explosives, lay siege to two of the hotels all night. Troops stormed in to rescue people, some of them foreign nationals, who were trapped inside. The 105-year-old Moorish-style rooftop dome of the landmark Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel was engulfed in fire, and flames billowed out of many rooms. One wing of the waterfront hotel was gutted. Seven hours after the first attack, firefighters rescued more than 50 hotel guests and escorted them to ambulances.

At least six foreigners were among those killed in the attacks, said Ramesh Tayde, a senior police officer, according to the Reuters news agency. (more… )

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