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Some Homeowners Are Still Getting Hammered

In the United States, we need to figure out a way to help those at the bottom. These Americans have very little representation in Congress or in our statehouses. They have tenuous jobs. All we have to do is look at Goldman Sachs and see that our country favors the rich. If you by chance had scraped together enough money to buy a house in the last 10 years and you didn’t fall for any of those no money down schemes, you’re still in trouble. Housing prices for these homes, at the bottom of the market, have been falling like lead

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Tentative Bailout Agreement

It appears that Congressional leaders and the Bush administration have hammered out an agreement. The details of this agreement have not been released. Staffers will be typing out a final draft so that it can be ready for discussion and voting in the morning. It appears that all the money will not be dispensed all at once. There’s a limit on senior executive compensation. Taxpayers should benefit if the companies that participate in this program return to profitability. There is a provision instated by the House Republicans designed to encourage homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages to take out

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Now – Mortgage meltdown

PBS’s Now is a great show.  If you haven’t seen it, take some time and sit down and be educated.  Last week they tackled the subprime mortgage crisis.  I really didn’t understand what a subprime mortgage was until I read this article in The Nation.  Again, we see the problem of a lack of government oversight.  It is not enough for a business to go belly up.  Capitalists state that is the consequence of bad loans.  But they never tell you that the guys who were at the top, aren’t going to jail.  Their houses aren’t being foreclosed.  They have a

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