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Dallas Cowboys: 2014 season will be epic

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, as I am, this could be really, really ugly. Unless you are the most delusional football fan, it’s hard to see how the Dallas Cowboys are going to put together a season worth watching. Last year, there were two pivotal football games that really showed Cowboy fans exactly how the season was going to go. First, back in week five, the Dallas Cowboys played the Denver Broncos. Although Tony Romo in the Dallas offense really did put up a valiant effort, this game should be etched in the memory banks of all Dallas Cowboys

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NFL week 13: A Few Predictions and A Few Thoughts

New Orleans Saints versus Cincinnati Bengals – in theory this game should be a blowout. The New Orleans Saints should easily be able to handle the Cincinnati Bengals. But, then again, the New Orleans Saints should’ve easily handled the Dallas Cowboys and had to depend on a fumble late in the game to win. If Cincinnati can find the ground game, they may be able to pull this game out. I’m still giving a slight edge to the New Orleans Saints. (Where is Cedric Benson? He is only averaging 3.6 per rush.) Chicago Bears versus Detroit Lions – Detroit has played

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NFL: championship weekend

Just because my beloved Dallas Cowboys were rudely bounced from the playoffs does not mean that I’m not watching football this weekend. I continue to be amazed at the New York Jets. They figure out ways to win. New York Jets versus the Indianapolis Colts. A lot has been made of this rematch from week 16. The Indianapolis Colts, in a tight game, pulled all their “main” starters towards the end of the third quarter. The Jets took advantage of a second string quarterback who had not really seen the football field in years. The dream of a perfect season went

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