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News Roundup – Keegan Bradley, Dallas Cowboys, Alan Grayson

The PGA Tour Championship ends today at the beautiful East Lake Country Club. Henrik Stenson, unless he collapses, should be able to win the championship and take home the grand prize of $10,000,000. Yet, I really love Keegan Bradley’s Eagle from the fairway. He simply nails the shot then gets down on the ground and imitates Jason Dufner, a move known as Dufnering. Great shot. Funny response. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am a big fan of Tiger Woods. Over the last four days we’ve seen both the greatness and the mystery of Tiger Woods. On Thursday, he played beautifully but simply couldn’t make a putt. On Friday, he had one of the most remarkable rounds I’ve seen in a while. He played clinical golf to be five under par through 13. Then he pushed a tee shot on 14 way into the woods on the left. This led to a double bogey and his round collapsed as he went six over par in the last four holes.

I’ve been rubbing my eyes for the last hour and a half. I’m trying to decide what I saw in what was formerly known as Texas Stadium, or was that the Cowboys Stadium? I know that it is now known as AT&T Stadium (that simply just doesn’t sound right, yuck). The Dallas Cowboys did not beat the St. Louis Rams. They destroyed them. I thought this was going to be another extremely close and tight game. The Rams have a extremely strong defensive front and I thought they’d manhandle our offensive line. I had visions of Tony Romo running for his life, yet again. That simply didn’t happen. We actually ran the ball from the line of scrimmage. We actually dominated the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. Tony Romo threw the ball like he was an All-Pro. It was an amazing performance all around. I’m still in shock. (more…)

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NFL week 14: Dallas Cowboys

Some things in the NFL are head scratchers. Other things are pretty clear. For the last two weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have lost in the closing minutes of the game because they were unable to perform a relatively long field goal. Many people who hate Tony Romo and are still longing for Troy Aikman will point to his performance once again as evidence that he cannot get it done “in the clutch.” Those haters will look at his 21-31 performance for 321 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions as nothing special. Instead, they will point to a third-down play late in the fourth quarter in which the New York Giants went to a zero coverage (all-out blitz). Miles Austin had a perfect release from the line of scrimmage. He was wide open. Tony Romo saw the coverage. He saw Miles Austin. Instead of throwing the lasers that he usually throws, Tony Romo put a little air under of the ball. Unfortunately, the ball was a yard or two too far. The Cowboys were leading at the time 34-29. There were two minutes twenty seconds to go in the ball game.

I will point to something different. I will point to the Dallas Cowboys’ abysmal secondary as the reason that they have lost to the Arizona Cardinals and to the New York Giants. The Dallas Cowboys’ secondary is average, at best. If the Dallas Cowboys can generate a ferocious pass rush, then the secondary is slightly better. Just like against the Arizona Cardinals (the pass rush generated five sacks in the first half, but none in the second half,) the Dallas Cowboys pass rush looked good for two or three quarters. They were nonexistent in the fourth quarter. This exposed a mediocre secondary to the skills of Eli Manning and his receivers. They carved up the Dallas defense in play after play. Mike Jenkins has been hurt all year. To be honest, he hasn’t played well in two years. I don’t know if it’s because of his health or what. Terence Newman is a shadow of his former self. Four or five years ago, he had a swagger to him. He can get into the hip pocket of a receiver and stay there. He could lay out and bat away potential completions. Now that’s nothing but a distant memory. The Dallas Cowboys are 24th in the NFL in passing defense. Anytime you score 34 points in a game, you should win. The Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t go to the playoffs until they figure out how to tighten this up.

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NFL Thanksgiving Day football

Green Bay at Detroit – This is probably the last game that Green Bay has that’s going to be a significant challenge. Detroit simply hasn’t been playing great football. Matthew Stafford has been giving away the football at every opportunity. I look for the first quarter to be kind of close and then for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to pull away and win easily.

Miami Dolphins versus Dallas Cowboys – This is not going to be as easy as many people believe. Miami is playing inspired football. Dallas needs to come out and establish the line of scrimmage early. Dallas cannot let Matt Moore get comfortable in the pocket. I look for Dallas to have a balanced attack and run the ball well with DeMarco Murray. Dallas should win.

San Francisco 49ers versus Baltimore Ravens – San Francisco’s going to play this game very close to the vest. Their formula for winning so far this season has been to protect the football, run the football and play solid defense. I see no reason for them to change their winning formula. The Baltimore Ravens will go as far as Joe Flacco will take them. I look for Joe Flacco to make a few mistakes and I look for the San Francisco 49ers to capitalize on those mistakes. San Francisco in a close one.

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