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Have you tried to buy light bulbs lately? It used to be very simple. You went to the store and bought a 75W bulb to replace the 75W bulb that just burned out. Well, that was then. Now, there are tons of bulbs with a variety of prices from a couple of bucks to $75 for one light bulb. The above video should be of some help.

Buying Guides – (I found these links helpful)
LowesLight Bulb Buying Guide

CNET – really nice, detailed buying guide

Consumer Reports – I was going to post to link to their website but it is having some issues right now. #fail

consumer reports

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If one gun is good, then …

Today Rick Scott, governor of Florida, has decided that it would be a great idea if folks coming to the GOP convention in Tampa were armed. Guns for everybody!!! WooHoo!!! Personally, I can’t think of a dumber idea. Everything may be fine. But what happens if someone hears a car backfire or a balloon pop and decides that they have heard a gunshot? The potential for badness is high.

From RS:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has officially rejected a proposal by the city of Tampa to limit firearms outside the Republican National Convention in Florida later this year.

Last week, the Tampa City Council formally asked Scott to use his executive power to temporarily suspend a state law that prevents local governments from regulating guns.

The council has already issued a citywide ban on items like pieces of wood, switchblades, slingshots, containers of bodily fluids and even squirt guns. A so-called “Clean Zone” around the convention area would prohibit string longer than six inches, glass containers, light bulbs, portable shields and gas masks. A smaller protest area would prevent demonstrators from having camping gear, bottles, cans and umbrellas. The Secret Service has said that only law enforcement will be able to carry firearms inside of the convention center.

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