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What secrets hide in the Nixon Library

The Nixon Presidential Library was handed over to the National Archives a couple of weeks ago.

From WaPo:

The privately operated Richard M. Nixon Library & Birthplace was officially handed over to federal archivists yesterday, and researchers can pore over documents and tapes detailing “the good, the bad and the ugly” on the 37th president and his legacy.

After a simple opening ceremony, library officials and docents shared champagne and cake before moving to the research room to view 78,000 newly released Nixon papers and listen to 11 1/2 hours of audio tape.

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Methodism, Torture and the Presidential Library

posted by Andrew Weaver as a comment.  I thought that this was strong enough to be a post of its own.


Methodism began as an 18th century spiritual renewal movement in the Church of England. At the time of the American Revolution only a few hundred Americans identified with Methodism. By the Civil War, Methodism was by far the largest church in the United States with one in three church members calling it their faith community. No other institution has done more good in shaping the ethos of American religion and culture than the Methodist Church.

Southern Methodist University is one of 123 educational institutions that are related to the modern day United Methodist Church. SMU is the only major university that has Methodist in the name. Because of this fact we were particularly troubled to read the November 27, 2006, report by United Press International that associates of George W. Bush are in the process of raising $500 million for his presidential library and think tank at SMU.

Anyone who thinks that the name Methodism or Southern Methodist University should be associated with George W. Bush needs to read the book, Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror by Dr. Steven Miles, professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota. (more…)

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Where to put the Bush Presidential Library?

Crawford is my vote.  Let’s be honest, SMU has never been a liberal bastion.  SMU was middle of the road leaning toward conservative in the heart of a very conservative town, Dallas.  It is interesting that Bush didn’t look at Harvard or Yale. 

From RS:

The New York Times’ Ralph Blumenthal is penning a piece for Wednesday’s Times which reveals that Southern Methodist University is trying to “allay concerns that pro-Bush politics” will infiltrate the school

“Mindful of reports that President Bush wants a conservative think tank with his presidential library, Southern Methodist University’s top official is trying to allay concerns that pro-Bush politics might spread through campus,” Blumenthal writes.

“Last month, SMU was named the sole finalist by the selection committee exploring possible sites for the library in Texas,” he adds. ( more… )

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