A Few Sports Items

  • The Dallas Mavericks are on their way to losing in the first round, again. They have clearly fallen since their finals appearance two or three years ago. Chris Paul is single-handedly torching them. I’m still not sure why any one would actively go and get Jason Kidd. We sent Devin Harris, a young, super quick defender and up-and-coming star to the Nets. Paul is clearly making Kidd look old and slow. There was no defense which Coach Avery was supposed to be known for. It reminded me of when we traded Dale Ellis to Seattle. He came back and destroyed the Mavericks in the playoffs.
  • Rumors are flying that the Dallas Cowboys are planning on trading up so that they can get Darren McFadden. In my opinion, that would be a mistake. We need a quick fast running back to compliment Marion Barber. We need another wide receiver to go with T. O.. There are some rumors that we could work a trade with Detroit that would bring Roy Williams to the Boyz. The Cowboys need another cover corner. The Pacman deal has been on the back burner for over three weeks.
  • Congratulations to John Smoltz for getting his 3,000 strike-out. He is only the third player in Major League history to get all of his 3,000 strike-outs with the same team.
  • Finally, back to basketball, what happened to the great Phoenix Suns? They added Shaq to prove… what exactly? They are down 2-0. Like the Mavericks, they are looking like yesterday’s news.