This Presidential Race Is Not over

I would like for everyone to hold on just a second and understand that this presidential race is not over. For months, I’ve talked about this presidential race as being close. It is close. If we didn’t have the electoral college then I think things would be different. But we do have the electoral college. Therefore, states like Texas, California, New York and Illinois are basically meaningless. These states are reliably Democratic or Republican and therefore the candidates will spend very little time in any of them. It is the battleground states which will decide this election. Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Nevada will decide this election. Recent reports have suggested that the Romney campaign has given up in New Mexico and Romney’s home state of Michigan.

I mentioned several weeks ago that Romney’s strategy was all man, all white man, all the time. Mitt Romney and the Republicans have basically decided that they are not gonna go after minorities. Deciding not to pick Senator Rubio from Florida, they have basically written off the Latino vote (though it is my opinion that choosing Senator Rubio would not have been all that helpful with the Latino vote either). Mitt Romney has done nothing specific to try to court women. Remember, this is after multiple legislatures throughout the country, led by Republicans, basically attacked women’s reproductive rights. Mitt Romney did nothing to try to smooth this over. Basically, he has blown off the woman vote (Ann Romney’s whole speech at the RNC was geared towards courting women, but I think that it fell flat). So, if you’re going to blow off minorities and you’re going to blow off women, the only thing that is left is men; specifically, white men. Now, the latest polling shows that Romney’s lead with white men in this presidential raceĀ has vanished. I should also mention that part of the Romney strategy was to limit the vote. It was critically important for Romney to limit the vote, specifically in battleground states. Passing voter ID laws in places like Pennsylvania and Florida would limit Democratic turnout and therefore help Mitt Romney. If he could somehow boost the turnout of white men, specifically in these battleground states, he could piece himself together a victory. When Mitt Romney, several weeks ago, made that “joke” about everybody knowing where he was born, that was a signal to white men. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it worked. (more…)