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Immigration rally in LA

So what happened in LA? An immigration rally turns sour.


From LAT:

Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton said today that some actions taken by officers trying to clear a crowd of marchers at MacArthur Park were “inappropriate” and that he has launched two investigations.

The chief told KNX-AM (1070) that he reviewed the videotapes showing officers using batons and rubber bullets to disperse crowds — including TV news reporters — and said “quite frankly, I was disturbed at what I saw.” (more…)

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Scoopy-Doo Creator dies

When you think about it, Scoopy-Doo should have been a hard pitch. “Hey, Boss, I was thinking about a dog who gets into weird situations. The dog, a great dane, is scared of his own shadow. His ‘master’ is a sixties reject. They both will eat anything. What do you think so far? Boss? Boss? Wake up, Boss. I’m trying to pitch you an idea!”

The creator, Iwao Takamoto, was born in LA and spent time in an internment camp. A brief obituary is here.

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