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NFL: Wrap Up

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens. Did anyone notice that Joe Flacco seemed to play better than he ever had over the last five or six games of the season? His elevated play seems to correlate to Jim Caldwell’s being named offensive coordinator. Someone needs to give Jim Caldwell some props. If you are the San Francisco 49ers fan, you have to be sick. The game was in your hands. You had the ball inside the 10-yard line with two minutes to play. The Ravens best run stopper, Haloti Ngata, was nursing a knee injury on the side line. Ray Lewis, future

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A few thoughts on the NFL

Surprises: I don’t think that anybody at the beginning of the season would have told you that the Tennessee Titans would be as dominating as they are. The Tennessee Titans are a complete team and are a much better team with Kerry Collins as quarterback. Vince Young is riding the bench after some “problems.” This team is so much better with Young sitting instead of playing. Surprised? I have no idea what happened to the San Diego Chargers. I don’t know whether it is the coaching change with Norv Turner as head coach, but they have a solid quarterback in Philip

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