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Nothing from nothing leaves healthcare reform?

The great pianist and songwriter Billy Preston once sang, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Although over 15 to 16 months I have seen the promise of health care reform start with single-payer and then morph into some sort of public option which, were it robust, should be able to contain health-care costs. This is kind of what the House passed. The Senate, on the other hand, is one confusing mess. Senator Max Baucus was given the keys to the city. I’m not sure what exactly he came up with. As chairman of the finance committee, he was in charge of coming

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Conservative solutions for healthcare reform

I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but stay with me. Joe writes, “…common sense health insurance reform will cost the government little to nothing.” I always liked these common sense solutions. They make me smile. The reason I smile it is that if they were so simple and easy we would’ve tried them already. Congress has been desperately looking for something simple and easy to try for the last 25 years. During this time both Republicans and Democrats have controlled the House and the Senate and could’ve passed “common sense” solutions. Especially, especially if those common sense solutions didn’t require

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Public Option gets beat up in Senate Finance Committee

So who was surprised that a committee chaired by Max Baucus would vote down the public option? Who? I’m not. Max hasn’t supported the public option from the start. Then you have Kent (“I love me some co-ops”) Conrad. He has also be anti-public option. Add Blanche Lincoln to the mix and the outcome of the vote was predictable. McJoan has an update of where we are in the Senate after day’s voting: One thing that that’s clear from today’s Finance Committee votes on the public option: Kent Conrad is the problem for the Dems. He provided the cover today for

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