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Choose Generosity, Not Exclusion by Congressman Keith Ellison

Did you see how an intelligent man gives an opponent the finger? Keith Ellison during his private swearing in ceremony used Thomas Jefferson’s Koran (I need to find out what the official spelling of this Holy Book is. I have seen it spelled a number of ways)!! It is hard to say that he isn’t patriotic now! From WaPo: Somewhere in Minneapolis or Jackson or Baltimore, somewhere in America today, there is a young couple that is feeling vulnerable. Maybe one has been laid off due to outsourcing, and maybe, the other is working for something close to a minimum wage.

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Keith Ellison defends the Constitution

As most of your know, I really like Keith Ellison.  He is smart and thoughtful.  He understands what the people really need, in my opinion.  He has weathered a storm by taking the high road and letting others take the low road.  Wolf Blitzer tries to get him to get the gutter with Congressman Goode but Keith does not take the bait.

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Keith Olbermann is right again

On MSNBC’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann was simply brilliant.  I really can’t add anything to his blistering commentary.  He rightly singles out Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for his outrageous comments to the American Legion earlier this week.

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