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Thursday Afternoon News Roundup

I’ll be on Local Edge Radio at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time today. If you have an opportunity, please tune in. For years, I’ve been saying that Mitt Romney has a significant problem. Evangelicals make up a huge amount of the Republican base. They are a significant reason why George W. Bush won the 2000 election (the other significant reason being the Supreme Court). Many evangelicals do not believe that Mormonism is a “real” religion. They don’t see it as an offshoot of Christianity. Hence the problem. By the way, he’s in London trying to raise money and meeting with the

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This arbitration settlement against KBR seems a little light.

Many people have written about the lawlessness and chaos that existed under American rule in Iraq. The book Fiasco by Thomas Ricks chronicles one mistake after another that led to the lawlessness that we saw for almost five years. There are many other books (including Naomi Klein’s, Shock Doctrine) and magazine articles which document the chaos. For some reason, I thought the chaos stopped once you got inside places that were controlled by Americans. This obviously wasn’t true. An atmosphere of the wild West where every man had to think for and by only himself seems somewhat pervasive from Baghdad to

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More on Madoff

I have a problem with some criminals. Others, not so much. If you rip off Halliburton or KBR for a couple of million, I’m probably going to throw you a party. On the other hand, when you rip off the elderly and take their savings, there isn’t a punishment bad enough. Under the jailhouse? Nope. Electrocution at one volt per day? Too easy. Bernie Madoff is in this category (of course he is innocent until proven guilty). 60 Minutes did a great story on the Whistle Blower, Harry Markopolos, and Bernie Madoff this week. Watch the video: Watch CBS Videos Online

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