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Katrina underscores the issues in the Bush Administration

For the next several days, I will re-post some of the things that I typed more than 10 years ago about Hurricane Katrina. From the Center for American Progress: 1,833 lives lost. 270,000 homes destroyed. $55 billion in insured damage. Up to $1.4 billion in American tax dollars wasted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Today, the costs of Hurricane Katrina are still staggering. But even more staggering has been the slow pace of recovery on the Gulf Coast. No one was happy with the federal government’s initial response to the hurricane. Eighty percent of the American public think the

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Hurricares are getter bigger and badder

I know that people like John Boehner and that Senator from Oklahoma really don’t believe in science. They’ve tried to mock scientists who spent their careers documenting the effects of man’s impact on planet Earth. Sure, if you dig you can find one or two studies which discount the data. The overwhelming majority of data that’s coming out of climatology, though, points to the fact that man is influencing his environment. From Climate Progress: Hurricane season officially begins tomorrow.  So I’m (Climate Progress) updating one more 2008 post on the science.  Last September, Nature published a major analysis that supports my

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Lessons from Katrina (update)

We are all focusing on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as we remember Hurricane Katrina. Let me start by saying I love NOLA. I love the people and the culture. I started blogging just a couple months before Katrina. I knew that the levees had broken hours before MSN reported it because of discussion boards on the Internet. I took this picture in 9th ward 3 years ago. So what are the lessons? there should be no political considerations when doling out aid experts are experts for a reason. They should be in charge of planning and resource management. we

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