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News Roundup – Hillary Clinton, Donald Sterling, South Korea ferry

A couple of days ago Karl Rove, also known as Bush’s brain, insinuated that Hillary Clinton had a brain injury. We have now officially entered the silly season. This is the season before the presidential campaign really starts, yet everybody knows some of the candidates who are running. Therefore, some “pundits” believe they’re able to say anything and everything in order to build up or tear down a particular candidate. As far as I know, there’s no evidence that Hillary Clinton has brain damage. If Karl Rove has some evidence that Hillary Clinton has a traumatic brain injury – show me.

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Why the Right Got It so Massively, Completely and Totally Wrong

For four years, the Right have been developing, building and constructing their own universe. There is ample evidence that Republicans continue to insulate themselves from the real world. In the Republican world the new Black Panthers are worthy of endless coverage. Sure, there are only five of these guys and 99% of all blacks in the United States have never heard of them, but to Republicans they are mainstream news. In the Republican world, the problem with United States is not that women don’t get paid at the same rate as men for doing the same job. Instead, the problem is

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Ex-Navy Seal Crosses the Line

So, there’s a book coming out tomorrow that is an ex-Navy Seal’s account of exactly what happened when we took out Osama bin Laden. Personally, I will not read this book. I figure that this book will be very similar to the extremely successful, famous and distorted book, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Remember, they published basically a pack of lies about John Kerry. This author, in my opinion, is clearly writing a partisan textbook that is designed not to illuminate what happened, but instead to attack the president. Let me make a few predictions – Rush Limbaugh will hail this

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