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NFL: Week Six

The NFL. As a trauma surgeon, I guess I should mention that special called League of Denial. Let me just say that no one should incur a permanent disability from playing a game. I think it is pretty simple to figure out ways to avoid devastating and lethal injuries and still have a game that we can all enjoy watching. It is not just about concussions. Think about Robert Griffin, III, hopping around out there on one leg during the playoffs last year for no good reason. My two cents. For the last several years, I have written almost a weekly

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NFL: Week 2 – a few thoughts

Dallas is trying to lose¬†lost to the Seattle Seahawks. As good as Dallas looked last week, they were/are that bad this week. Seattle created turnovers and then wore down the Dallas defense. Tony Romo and the offense were pretty bad. The special teams for the Cowboys were very special. They gave up a fumble which led to a field, and then they allowed a blocked punt, leading to a touchdown… all in the opening quarter. I would like to tell you that the Cowboys hung tough and fought their way back into the game, but I would be lying. The defense

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NFL week 9: Thoughts and Predictions

From the New York Times, here are this week’s win probabilities: Pwin GAME Pwin 0.36 Miami at Kansas City 0.64 0.45 Atlanta at Indianapolis 0.55 0.17 Tampa Bay at New Orleans 0.83 0.32 Jets at Buffalo 0.68 0.19 Seattle at Dallas 0.81 0.15 Cleveland at Houston 0.85 0.44 San Francisco at Washington 0.56 0.34 Cincinnati at Tennessee 0.66 0.29 Denver at Oakland 0.71 0.37 Giants at New England 0.63 0.46 St. Louis at Arizona 0.54 0.52 Green Bay at San Diego 0.48 0.34 Baltimore at Pittsburgh 0.66 0.28 Chicago at Philadelphia 0.72 So, everybody was hyping the LSU versus Alabama. The

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