The Errington Thompson Show 3/17/07

Walter Reed is off of the front page.  So, kicked off the front page is anything to do with Scooter Libby.  Now, it is Alberto Gonzales and the US attorneys 24/7.  My special guest is Glenn Greenwald, author of How would a Patriot Act and the blog Unclaimed Territory (has moved his blog to  We discuss domestic spying.  Eavesdropping is important weapon to combat enemies of the US.  The problem is the eavesdropping within the confines of the law.  Jose Padilla case was the case that really started Glenn down this path.  It was the case that revealed that an American under the Bush administration could be imprisoned without a trial, without a hearing, without any contact with family and without legal counsel.  One of the small bits of information that is flowing around is that Bush seemed to have stopped an investigation that was looking into the whether anyone in the Justice Department acted improperly while advising the president on the domestic spying issue.  Of course, we cover the firing of the US Attorneys. This is a good and informative conversation.