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Another look at the healthcare debate

I will be on Take a Stand today at 3 pm EST. This will be a panel and we’ll discuss healthcare with Matt. I like what Political Animal wrote on the healthcare debate yesterday: Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter writes that when it comes to our health care system, “everything is just fine the way it is.” He added, “I’ve got health insurance and I don’t give a damn about the 47 million suckers who don’t.” Fortunately, Alter was not only kidding, he was also offering a striking takedown of those who are fighting to kill reform. I had cancer a few years

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Countdown – Obama's stance on FISA

Jonathan Alter said something very interesting. He said that “currently we have been operating in an unconstitutional environment. In clear violation of the 4th amendment.” Update: I found a nice post on FISA. BTW, Glenn Greenwald will be on my radio show tomorrow morning at 9 am EST. He has gotten into a dust up with Keith Olbermann over Olbermann’s continued support of Obama’s stance on FISA.

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