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Deadpool – Really fun, but not for everyone

So, I like superhero movies. I can’t help myself. Hell, I tried to like Elektra. (The movie was awful. Terrible script. Jennifer Garner tried but couldn’t save it.) Deadpool was either going to be great or awful. There would be no in-between. Basically, you take a guy who was wronged. He spends the whole movie chasing down the guy who wronged him. What makes Deadpool fun is the combination of locker room humor and over the top action. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the jokes aren’t funny. As a matter of fact, I think that the

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Obama deflects the arrows and connects with the crowd

I have posted below President Barack Obama’s complete interview with the Tonight Show host, Jay Leno. Now some people have written that Barack Obama is struggling as a “communicator.” Others talked as if Barack Obama laid a big gaffe-filled egg. Really? I didn’t see either. Just look at Barack Obama for this 24-minute interview. The president sits there and explains, in detail, what happened with our financial meltdown. He explains about AIG and the hedge fund that they developed. He talks about the relationships between this hedge fund and the rest of the financial network. He’s giving an extraordinary amount of

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