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Chad Johnson in a Cowboy Uniform?

Chad Johnson

It appears that Chad Johnson wants out of Cincinnati. It is clear that two years ago, the Bengals looked like they were an elite NFL team. Last year, not so much. As turnovers and a terribly porous defense made Cincinnati an easy win for most teams. Johnson wants a ring. There are rumors flying that he wants to be traded traded to Dallas. With Terry Glenn almost certainly retiring after three knee surgeries in less than 12 months, Johnson is definitely what the Cowboys need. The big question is would T.O. and Johnson get along? Are their enough balls (footballs) for everyone to be happy?

The other rumor which is floating around is Pacman Jones. Help me understand this one? Pacman Jones is a guy who loves being arrested. If he didn’t he would change his ways. He has talked about reforming his lifestyle on a number of occasions only to revert back to strip clubs, fights and getting arrested. The Cowboys didn’t flinch a muscle when Asante Samuels came on the market. He is a great press cover guy who is not afraid to tackle. We need our secondary to step up especially since the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles, all should have a better passing game next year. With more teams playing 3 and 4 wides, we need another cover corner. Nathan Jones and Jacques Reeves were both taken by Miami so we are left with Pacman Jones? Doesn’t sound right, does it?

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Robert Johnson apologizes to Obama

I remember I was in 3rd and 4th grade we used to have this crack sessions.  Not that type of crack!!  Hell, this was 1970 and there was no crack cocaine, that I knew of, at the time.  Crack sessions were when you and your friends would sit around and insult each other.  You know – You’re mother was so fat when she sat around the house, she SAT around the house.  I’m guessing that was what Billionaire Robert Johnson thought he was doing when he was stumping for Hillary Clinton last week and happened to mention that Obama was doing something that he shouldn’t have been doing.  Ooo.  Face.  In yo’ face, Obama.  Oh, wait.  We aren’t 10 years old.  We are adults.  We are trying to help a candidate win the presidency, aren’t we?

I find it offensive that Robert Johnson was bringing up Barack’s drug use.  I think that it takes a REAL man to admit that he has made mistakes.  George Bush, not a real man, never admitted that he made mistakes.  Saying that you have made some mistakes, without stating what those mistakes were, is useless.   Barack put his mistakes down in writing.  Black and White.  Robert Johnson can’t lift Hillary Clinton up without tearing Obama down?  Why not?

Robert Johnson has issued an apology.  okay, whatever.   Hasn’t the damage already been done?

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