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John Pinette – Dead at age 50

Look, John Pinette wasn’t the picture of health, but he was funny. I caught him on HBO or Showtime a few years ago and his humor was all about food. He was funny. At times, fall-on-the-floor kind of funny. John over at Crooks and Liars has a very nice tribute. From CNN (hey, look a story on CNN that isn’t about that flight 370): Comedian John Pinette was found dead in a Pittsburgh hotel room Saturday, the Allegheny County medical examiner’s office said Monday.

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The Third Greatest Song of All-Time – John Lennon

There was a GREAT episode of WKRP in Cincinnati in which a group called Save Our Radio wanted WKRP to take filth off the radio waves. They were looking for good wholesome songs on the radio. They targeted John Lennon’s tune “Imagine” because it was anti-Christian. “Imagine there’s no heaven/ It’s easy if you try/ No hell below us/ Above us only sky/ Imagine all the people/ Living for today…” This was a great episode of a GREAT TV show which isn’t getting its due. The episode points out that we lose a lot through censorship. John Lennon was being what John Lennon was

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