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News Roundup – Microsoft, Joe Wilson, Syria

I find corporate America fascinating. We love to hold corporate CEOs up as some sort of financial business gurus, when in fact they are simply ordinary guys. Microsoft is an excellent example. For years, Microsoft could do no wrong. They were always ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, that was decades ago. The last thing that Microsoft truly got right was Xbox 360 and that was almost a decade ago. Remember how Microsoft got into cell phones about 10 years ago? Everybody thought it would be absolutely great if there were some way you can sync your email with your cell phone.

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Grab bag – Tuesday Night (updated)

Nice Commentary from Keith to go along with my opening paragraph: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The media loves a point-counterpoint. They love bad versus good. They love rich versus poor. Any time you can paint a story as two extremes they start salivating. Now we have Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal versus President Barack Obama. There is a magazine article in which there are supposed to be some disparaging comments about Barack Obama, Joe Biden and his cabinet members. Frankly, some of the comments were juvenile. It is almost as if they were speaking

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Republicans have a history of dissin' Democratic presidents

This is the sad fact. Republicans have only been interested in pushing their corporate agenda and nothing else. They aren’t interested in working with anyone who isn’t pushing the corporate message. Period. There is no in-between for the Republicans. Democratic presidents are in the way and they are not to be tolerated. Glenn has the details: Several people objected in comments, emails and other places to my argument yesterday that what Rep. Joe Wilson did — though dumb and juvenile — was hardly some grave threat to the Republic or even a substantial deviation from standard right-wing political behavior.  Some argued that Obama’s race has caused

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