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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Running late this morning. There is significant badness in Paul Ryan’s new budget. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations, benefit cuts for Grandma and the poor. Joe Scarborough, with his political commentary, misses the point. Instead, he embraces one of the conservative themes about why Afghanistan has gone so wrong. The conservative mantra is that nation building is always wrong. So that  was the problem in Afghanistan. Wrong. In my mind the problem was more complex. It was both a lack of focus and a lack of execution. It is easy to blame “breaking” conservative principles as the reason for

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Olbermann is suspended and I have a few questions

Here’s what I don’t understand. Is there a policy at MSNBC or not? If there is, then is it being applied to everyone or only to Keith Olbermann? From Josh Marshall at TPM: I find the Keith Olbermann story bizarre, on both sides but mainly on MSNBC’s. First, political contribution records are the most public thing in the world for anyone who is even somewhat in the public eye, certainly for someone who courts controversy. So political giving strikes me as something done entirely in the open for someone of Olbermann’s stature. On the one hand that sounds like MSNBC is flipping

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Looks Like Nancy Pelosi Was Not Lying About the CIA

Remember when everyone was raking Pelosi over the coals?  “She is lying…” was the mantra from the Right. Watch the video: From AmericaBlog:  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to Congress, and she was mercilessly attacked by the pundits, including MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. A couple of months ago, Morning Joe said “everyone” knew that the Speaker was”lying.” He also said that she needed to “shut up.” Now Joe Scarborough, in the wake of CIA Director Leon Panetta’s admission that the CIA did, in fact, lie to Congress, calls Pelosi his good friend. And he’s concerned about the grief

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