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Thursday Afternoon News Roundup

Thursday Afternoon News Roundup The monthly unemployment numbers came out last Friday. We are seeing more of the same as Paul Krugman and others predicted. 157,000 jobs were added last month. We need more. I know that there has been a lot of talk about deficits. In my opinion, there hasn’t been enough talk about job creation and a living wage. That’s what we need. (Just talked about this on the Jeff Messer Show.) Michelle Obama is going to the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton (killed by gun violence). Read more. Very sad. I know that a lot of people are worried about

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Ann Romney

One of the highlights of the RNC was Ann Romney. I found her a little hard to take as she was telling me how difficult it was to raise five boys. I was trying to find the right sentiment and I found it on BlacknBougie. From BnB: Ann’s battle with MS would have been a great platform to explain what kind of healthcare plan Mitt foresees for the future of America. What is he going to do for people like me who came out of pocket to the tune of $22,000 in one year for healthcare? What about those who had

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I want to be a millionaire so Paul Ryan will love me, too

For reasons that are unclear, I have been very busy over the last several weeks. I am hopeful that things will slow down. 🙂 I haven’t had much opportunity to review Paul Ryan’s budget. As you recall, his last budget caused quite a stir. After a cursory review, his budget, which was passed today by the House, is a perfect reflection of Republican ideals. We have very few opportunities to understand and see what people are really like. Politicians have PR men and focus groups to hone their message. This budget is a rare opportunity for us to look into the

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