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Senator Webb passes GI Bill

It is very hard as a freshman Senator to get anything of substance done in Congress but Senator Jim Webb of Virginia has done exactly that. He pushed the GI Bill through both houses of Congress. He attached the bill to other legislation and dared the President to veto it. Senator Jim Webb may be that rarest of politicians. One who has principles and sticks by them. He is someone who said that he supports the troops and then proved to EVERYONE that he, in fact, supports the troops. From WaPo: POLITICAL PROMISES are easy to make, harder to keep. So

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True Test of Patriotism

Senator Barack Obama has been slammed for not wearing a lapel pin. The right-wing smear machine has asked why Obama will not salute the flag. Of course, these questions and statements are designed to cast doubt in the minds of those who aren’t sure about a Democrat who is a black man. Today, in West Virginia, Obama talks about true patriotism: Supporting the troops. This isn’t some bumper sticker. Do you support the troops? If so, then why can’t we pass Jim Webb’s new GI bill? Why hasn’t Senator John McCain signed this bill? This is a great speech in a

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