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"Empire State of Mind"

The #2 song in the land, this tune brought down the house in the World Series. I’m not sure how a song could make the Phillies pitch worse (maybe it made the Yankees pitch better), but it did. ­čÖé

Artist: Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
Tune: Empire State of Mind

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Obama and Jay-Z Mash-up

This is pretty clever– a Barack Obama and Jay-Z mash-up. I wouldn’t have thought it. This video does point out that Hillary Clinton has been attacking Obama for months: “That is not change that you can believe in, it is change that you can Xerox.” Yuck.

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Jay-Z: Show me What you got

I have a lecture to give in a couple of hours to a group of Black teenagers. I’m still trying to figure out what I would like to say. As I was surfing the internet for something, I came across this video. Now, I think that I’m on track.

Jay-Z. Show me what you got.

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