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The Errington Thompson Show 3-21-09

Yep, I’m behind again. I’m not sure why. I just am. New resolve. Motorcycle ride for Sheriff Van Duncan, today. Gordon Smith, progressive blogger here in Asheville, is running for City Council. He announced his candidacy today. I support these candidates, both of whom have been on the show, whole-heartedly. Guys, don’t let me down!! President Barack Obama was on the Tonight Show. Remarkable interview with Jay Leno. Obama gives some great and detailed answers. I spend most of the show saluting Miles Davis and the 50th anniversary of his album Kind of Blue. I give away a copy of the

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Obama deflects the arrows and connects with the crowd

I have posted below President Barack Obama’s complete interview with the Tonight Show host, Jay Leno. Now some people have written that Barack Obama is struggling as a “communicator.” Others talked as if Barack Obama laid a big gaffe-filled egg. Really? I didn’t see either. Just look at Barack Obama for this 24-minute interview. The president sits there and explains, in detail, what happened with our financial meltdown. He explains about AIG and the hedge fund that they developed. He talks about the relationships between this hedge fund and the rest of the financial network. He’s giving an extraordinary amount of

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What's going on – Late Night News Roundup

Tuesday Night News Roundup – Despite Bush’s being a toothless tiger, he is still president, (though, thankfully, not for much longer). He continues to ignore the rule of law. The Department of Homeland Security has ignored privacy laws. Faith-based groups, in defiance of discrimination laws, have continued to receive federal funds. – A member of Al Qaeda in Iraq has been found guilty of killing two American soldiers. The perpetrator may hang for his crime. I do believe in justice. Read the whole story and see if you believe that justice has been served. – John McCain hates unions. He is

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