Dallas Mavericks get Jason Kidd

The Dallas Mavericks traded Jason Kidd away over 10 years ago.  Since then the Mavericks have been an elite team of the west and have been to one final which they should have won.  For reasons that are unclear Mark Cuban has thrown in the future for now.  In a 7 player trade plus money, plus 2 first round draft picks, the Mavericks get Kidd but trade away Devin Harris who looked like he could be great guard and team leader in the near future.

In my opinion, this is no help.  Yes, the Mavericks will win more games but in the playoffs will Kidd make a difference?  That’s the question.  He adds a little more defense which is good but in the playoffs in those close games, I don’t think that Kidd adds squat.  In the fourth quarter, when the game slows down, can Kidd post up down low.  NO.  Does Kidd have a shot that is unbeatable?  No.  Because in the last 5 minutes of a playoff game, you need a player that has a shot – Jordan, top of the key;  Larry Bird – low wing; Shaq, low post.  That player will either take the shot or get fouled either way it is 2 points.  Kidd doesn’t have that.  The final option is that the player will get the ball to someone who will drain a 3.

I’ll be happy to eat my words if Kidd is the missing ingredient and the Mavericks win a NBA championship this year.  If the Mavericks don’t win, this was an expensive experiment in stupidity.