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Why the Dallas Mavericks are at Home

The world champion Dallas Mavericks are sitting at home today because they got swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Swept. What the hell? The World Champions got swept. Lamar Odom? Really? How was that going to help? How do you get rid of Tyson Chandler? He was young and talented. This is the kind of craziness that led to being swept in the first round. Unforgivable. Vince Carter? Whose idea was this? What did they see in Carter’s past that would make anyone want to pay this guy millions to play basketball? He doesn’t play defense. He has lost his fast

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Why the Dallas Mavericks Are World Champs and the Big Three Are Not

Many months ago, I went out on a limb and stated that the Miami Heat would not win the NBA championship. Well, they got very close. They got extremely close, but in the end my analysis was correct. The NBA is not about getting close. America is not about getting close. We love winners. We love Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson because they all won championships. The Miami Heat simply could not close out games. It is a fourth quarter that is critical in the NBA. Everybody is talented. Everybody can get hot. It is when the opposing team

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Mavs win the West!

The Dallas Mavericks are going back to the NBA Finals. I have been waiting for this for five years. I didn’t think that Dirk Nowitzki could lead the Mavericks to the finals. In a way, I was right. Dirk had plenty of help. He has played very well, some might say great, but his teammates have also played well. Shawn Marion was outstanding today. I thought that he was done several years ago but he has stepped up his game. Jason Kidd. I knew he was done 3 -4 years ago but he has played extremely well in the playoffs. Jason

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