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News Roundup – Antiterrorism Victories, Fukushima, Government Shutdown

For the first time in a week I’m not starting out talking about the government shutdown. I’ll circle back around to it in just a second. Some surprising anti-terrorism victories We captured one of the Al Qaeda leaders who led the 1998 bombings against the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. We captured this guy alive. His name is Nazih Abd al Hamid al-Ruqhay, but he is also known as Abu Anas el-Liby. He was captured near Tripoli and is in US custody now. So, remember a couple weeks ago when there was that shooting at the mall in Kenya? A

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Obama, Japan

In Texas, there is a town that has just about every name that you can think of. There is a Paris, Texas. A Buffalo, Texas. There is a town called Cut-N-Shoot and another one called Nowhere. As far as I know there isn’t an Obama, Texas but there is an Obama, Japan. Now, you can’t beat that. Residents believe that they are bringing Barack Obama luck. I wonder if there is an Errington, Japan?

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