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Interview with Markos Moulitsas

About a week and a half ago I had an opportunity to interview Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos. Markos has a new book called, American Taliban, How War, Sex, Sin and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right. Although Markos is clearly a progressive, he’s not one to mince words or to shy away from touchy subjects. In my 15-minute interview, we discuss current events, the enthusiasm gap between the Right and the Left and several subjects covered in his book, including the extremism of Rush Limbaugh and several others on the far right. I must congratulate Markos on

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Dobson: Obama distorts Bible

James Dobson believes that if you don’t agree with his interpretation of the Bible then you are distorting the Bible. Unfortunately, for Mr. Dobson, God didn’t give him the power of infinite wisdom or insight. I guess Love thy Neighbor means we all must think and believe what Dobson believes. BTW, the speech that Dobson has his panties in a twist over was given over 2 years ago. The speech was on religious tolerance. No wonder Dobson is so upset. We (or rather he) can’t have religious tolerance because that would put him out of business. Focus on the Family is

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Worst in the World: Walmart

Bill O’Reilly only won the bronze tonight. He stated he didn’t know who Roland Martin was. Unfortunately for Bill, Roland Martin has been on his show more than eight times. The silver goes to James Dobson from Focus on the Family. He saw the new CDC statistics that one in four teenage girls have a sexually transmitted disease and somehow he came up with the thought that more abstinence education was needed (abstinence education has been proven time and time again not to work). The gold goes to Walmart. A Walmart employee got hurt on the job. Walmart paid her medical

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