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Skyfall – James Bond 007

I can’t remember when I saw my first James Bond movie. I think that it was Live and Let Die in the early ’70s with Roger Moore. Well, there have been 50 Bond movies since the beginning. 50! Skyfall, the 50th, starts today. I’ll let you know how Daniel Craig, M and the new Q are!

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Friday Morning News Roundup

If you read just a little bit about the Great Recession, then you know that whenever one of the big Wall Street firms was in trouble, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and even Morgan Stanley, they all at one time or another called Warren Buffett for an emergency loan. So it is interesting that Bank of America just got an infusion of $5 billion from Warren Buffett. Bank of America is having trouble fending off lawsuits over its Countrywide acquisition. It appears that several parties believe that countrywide acted in a fraudulent manner and continue to sue countrywide for large sums of money,

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Double O Bama

I have thought about posting this for sometime. On one hand, it is funny. On the other hand, though,it could be seen as playing into the stereotype that black people are “cool.”

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