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Adding Up the Lies in the Presidential Debates

Tonight, we watched the first nationally televised presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. As a result of following this campaign closely for over 12 months, I know the candidates and their positions. It still amazes me how McCain can lie and tell the truth with the same expression on his face. For example, when Obama stated that Henry Kissinger said that he supported direct negotiations with Iran, McCain replied with a straight face that Kissinger never said that. Oops. It turns out that Kissinger said exactly that. So, either McCain was “naïve” and has no idea what his advisor

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The Errington Thompson Show 12/09/06

The 2 days earlier was the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Think about how we ramped up for that war. Thursday was the one year anniversary of Drinking Liberally here in Asheville. The Iraq Study Group report is delivered to the White House. President Bush looked like he just received a vial of the plaque. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have been very cautious with their praise of this report. Some neocons have called James Baker and Lee Hamilton defeat-o-crats. Does the ISG and appointing Robert Gates simple give President Bush time to delay and Stay the Course?

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