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Janet Jackson: Feedback

I saw Janet Jackson video “Feedback” a couple of weeks ago and didn’t think that much of it. It didn’t seem that different from everything else that is on the airwaves. I have heard her new video several times since then. It is growing on me.

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Janet Jackson – Miss You Much

Janet Jackson was the little sister of the Jackson 5.  She was the little kid on Good Times.  Her third album produced by Jimmie Jam and Terry Lewis, great choice.  These guys pushed Jackson.  They gave her an edge that her previous works didn’t have.  Control was the album that resulted.  Pleasure Principle and Nasty were tunes that, I believe, foreshadowed her next album.  Rhythm Nation 1814 was Janet’s masterpiece.  Jimmie Jam and Terry Lewis laid down some great sounds.  Janet was no longer Michael’s little sister.  She was Janet.  This album had a social message.  The videos were black and

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