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Elizabeth Taylor said that the way to determine whether someone is a star is to watch what they do. Tiger Woods is a star. The PGA is more watchable when Tiger is playing well. Tiger Woods struck the ball very well today. More importantly, he was putting very well. He won his 72nd tournament at Jack Nicholas’ Memorial. The US Open should be a great tournament. Matt Kuchar, Jason Dufner, Rickie Fowler (don’t count today) and Luke Donald are playing well. You can never count out Phil. The Open is going to be fun. One of the reasons that Tiger Woods

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Tiger, be serious.

Five strokes back on Sunday. Five! You know many of my golf friends have said that Tiger just doesn’t do it in the clutch, that he’s no Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicholas. Well, they are right. Tiger Woods isn’t anyone but Tiger. Sean O’Hair did shoot a 73, but no one else caught Tiger either.

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