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The Errington Thompson Show 4-04-09

The show is/was pre-recorded.

  • Is the Afghanistan War the good war? I don’t think so. I don’t think that anyone in history has ever pulled or pushed a country into a “modern” era. How much money do we want to spend in this country? We need to have a serious discussion about the situation in this country. The discussion should start with this position paper from the Center for American Progress.
  • I continue to be amazed at the enormous scope of Barack Obama’s agenda.
  • Spain is investigating the Bush administration. From Daily Kos – “The Spanish complaint names six senior lawyers from the Bush administration: former Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, John Yoo, Jay Bybee and Douglas Feith, the former under secretary of defense for policy. Feith went on record in a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in May 2004 in support of observing the Geneva Conventions in the context of the War on Terror and his inclusion on the list raises some intriguing questions.”

I have as my guests Eric Boehlert from Media Matters and then Mark Karlin from Buzzflash. Mark and I discuss the weather and then talk about Senator Roland Burris who was the smartest person in the room and in less than 2 weeks he became the dumbest person. Although this segment was prerecorded, Mark mentions that Former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be indicted. Sure enough, he gets indicted two days after our interview. Eric Boehlert and I discuss the way the press has treated the Norm Coleman – Al Franken struggle and compare this case to the Al Gore – George Bush case. The press was calling Al Gore a sore loser almost the before the recount starts. Eric notes that no one in the mainstream media has called Norm Coleman a sore loser. Why?

Finally, I call in from Seattle to discuss the new unemployment numbers. Yuck. Unemployment is at 8.5%, with 694,000 Americans unemployed.

Go Tar-heels.

Great Show.  Enjoy.

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What's going on – News Roundup

Friday Morning News Roundup
  • I continue to be amazed at how Senator Ronald Burris has gone from political genius to a national embarrassment. Now it appears that former Governor Rod Blagojevich hired Ronald Burris, II, as senior counsel, for the state’s Housing Authority in mid-September. This worked out very well since the young attorney had just been slapped with a $34,000 tax lien and a mortgage company had foreclosed on his house. I remember the senator saying something about there was no quid pro quo. Maybe I was mistaken.
  • New York Governor David Paterson has changed his top political staff and hopes of changing his fortune.
  • Well, this was a shocker — John McCain, in front of a conservative audience has warned that America could lose the game that it has currently going in Iraq.
  • It appears that President Barack Obama is planning on pulling out all combat troops from Iraq by August of 2010. The big question is what will be the residual force?
  • Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who has opened an exploratory committee looking into her chances at running for governor of Texas, said the strangest thing on CNBC. “Every major tax cut we’ve ever had in history has created more revenue (for the treasury).” This may not be the stupidest thing that has ever been said, but it is stupid nonetheless. Not one of President Bush’s tax cuts increased revenue. As a matter of fact, President Reagan’s tax cuts in 1981 decreased revenues so dramatically he quietly increased taxes in 1982 and again in 1983. I guess when you’re a senator, or a politician for that matter, facts don’t matter.
  • A new Government Accountability Office report reveals that companies that have been banned from doing business with the United States are continuing to do business with the United States.
  • Jesus’s General has come up with a new T-shirt that he is selling — “Palin/Plumber 2012 — EMPOWER THE STUPID!

Keith Olbermann has an excellent summary of Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech. Watch:

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Blago is impeached

Some things seem almost inevitable. It’s like that cartoon heroine who is tied to the tracks. Unfortunately, Dudley Do Right is busy and can’t come to the rescue. Governor Rod Blagojevich was going to be impeached. The federal tapes were damning. The Illinois legislature went through a slow but deliberate process. They did not rush to judgment. They looked at the evidence before them and overwhelmingly concluded that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should be removed from office. The vote was 59-0. President Barack Obama said in a statement, “Today ends a painful episode for Illinois.”

Watch video:

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