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Grab Bag – Friday

Really running late this morning. Sick patient on the way to the ER.

From Political Animal:

  • Japan: “Amid widening alarm in the United States and elsewhere about Japan’s nuclear crisis, military fire trucks began spraying cooling water on spent fuel rods at the country’s stricken nuclear power station late Thursday after earlier efforts to cool the rods failed, Japanese officials said. The United States’ top nuclear official followed up his bleak appraisal of the grave situation at the plant the day before with a caution that it would ‘take some time, possibly weeks,’ to resolve.”
  • President Obama offered an update this afternoon: “The White House sought Thursday to show it is on top of the Japanese nuclear crisis with a Rose Garden statement and a presidential-ordered review to ensure nothing like the Fukushima Daiichi disaster happens here at home.” He also urged an evacuation for Americans living within 50 miles of the facility.
  • Libya: “Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi warned Benghazi residents on Thursday that an attack was imminent, as the United Nations Security Council seemed headed for a vote Thursday on a resolution authorizing not just a no-flight zone but additional steps to halt the movement of Colonel Qaddafi’s forces.”
  • The Senate approved the House-passed budget extension this afternoon, with an 87-to-13 vote. It will soon receive the president’s signature, and impose a new, April 8 deadline. (Ed note: I’m not sure that we needed a new extension. We need our lawmakers to do what we hired them to do which is compromise and get something done.)
  • Getting better: “The number of people who filed applications for jobless benefits fell by 16,000 last week to 385,000, the Labor Department said Thursday.”
  • Of the funds lent to banks through TARP, 99% of the money has been paid back. At the time, it was widely assumed we’d never see that money again.
  • James O’Keefe thought he had another big scoop today. As it turns out, his “story” was not only dull, it was common knowledge months ago. (Ed note: I’m going to try to put together a post on this guy who the right continually listens to like he has earned someone’s trust.)
  • Those who thought applying to law school would be a great idea are starting to think otherwise.
  • In an interesting video, which you’ll probably be seeing again, Ronald Reagan proclaimed, “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!” It’s a reminder of how little Reagan-lovers have in common with Reagan, and if Democrats today said the same thing Reagan said 30 years ago, Tea Partiers would condemn the sentiments as radical liberalism.

What’s on your mind? What stories are you following?

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Sunday Morning Grab Bag

A couple of quick items this morning.

  • I hate Daylight Savings Time. One of the stupidest inventions of all time. Whenever I have to wake up earlier, I think it’s stupid. 🙂

  • I was asked about nuclear power yesterday and I answered in a quick comment. Briefly, the essence of nuclear power is that we are going to create a nuclear reaction, which we are going to control. We then use the heat in the nuclear reaction to superheat water. That water will be turned into steam and the steam will be used to turn turbines to generate electricity. I have three basic problems with nuclear energy. First, the process does not seem to be the most energy-efficient. Secondly, nuclear power plants are extremely expensive to build and therefore require taxpayer money to help these utility companies. As far as I know, the taxpayers are sharing in the risk but not in the benefits. If you want us to fill the bill then we need to sit on the board of directors. Thirdly, when the fuel rods are all used up, I don’t think that we’ve come up with an adequate solution of what to do with the nuclear waste. Burying the waste in a great big hole sounds too much like a Wily E Coyote solution. Trucking nuclear waste all over the country just seems to be a formula for disaster.
  • Cool new website called DrawCongress.org. This may be a way for us to fix our political districts and nonpolitical manner. I’m hopeful.
  • Great interview with Naomi Klein about her new book which deals with those who deny global warming.
  • It looks like the situation in Japan is more serious than we thought. Looks like we are dealing with a nuclear disaster.
  • The protesters in Wisconsin will not quit. I’m loving these guys. Personally, I will send them every bit of support that I can afford. They are going to change the political landscape not just in Wisconsin but in the United States for the next 5-10 years.
  • Michele Bachmann needs a history lesson. The battles of Lexington and Concorde took place in Massachusetts and not New Hampshire.
  • Don’t let the mainstream media fool you. The disaster that is becoming the NFL’s fight with its players union is more than a disagreement among millionaires. This is about much more than that. Read as much as you can and stay informed. This is an age-old battle between workers and owners. This is about splitting up a $9 billion pie and the owners want a larger share.
  • The Arab League has voted to support a no-fly zone in Libya. No surprise here. The Arab League understands that stability sells oil.
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