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Padilla verses John Yoo

The case against John Yoo, the Bush Administration Justice Department attorney who crafted the “torture memos”, was thrown out of the ninth Circuit Court. In my opinion, this deserves more discussion. From Balkinization: The Ninth Circuit today reversed the district court’s ruling in Padilla v. Yoo, ordering that former “enemy combatant” Jose Padilla’s civil damages suit against John Yoo be dismissed on qualified immunity grounds. The dismissal represents the latest refusal of a federal court to provide a remedy for abuses committed during the war on terrorism.

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Former Gov. Don Siegelman Petitions For New Trial

I have written about Don Siegelman and his plight on several occasions – here and here. It may be the worst miscarriage of justice that I’ve seen of a prominent official — ever. This update comes from the Daily Kos: Former governor of Alabama and political prisoner Don Siegelman has filed a motion (PDF) for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence. Here are the highlights: ISSUE I. THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO PRODUCE EXCULPATORY AND IMPEACHING INFORMATION IN ITS POSSESSION AS TO KEY WITNESSES AND CORRECT FALSE OR MISLEADING TESTIMONY DURING TRIAL VIOLATED SIEGELMAN’S RIGHTS UNDER THE DUE PROCESS CLAUSE

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