More Gun Violence

Yesterday, in Houston, Texas, the sound of gunfire once again rang out. Another school shooting. According to the Houston Chronicle, there was some sort of altercation. Within a flash, three people were dead. It has been almost 24 hours. We really don’t have much information. We do know that a suspect has been arrested. That’s about it.

Prominent politicians in Texas have offered prayers. There’s nothing wrong with prayers. To those who believe, prayers are essential. Hopefully, prayers lead to enlightenment and… action.

There are some who believe that there’s simply nothing that can be done, that gun violence is an insurmountable problem. It is part of having a society of 300 million people, part of having a society that is free. I’m sorry, but I just don’t buy it. I don’t believe that sitting around and saying that guns aren’t the problem is an answer. I don’t believe that we should talk this issue to death before we decide to act. I don’t believe that we have to come up with perfect legislation before we do something to try to curb gun violence.

If your child were running around with a plastic baseball bat and whacking you and others with it, would you wait for the perfect solution or would you act? (more…)