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Driving while Black

House in Highland Park, Tx

This is something that happens with greater frequency than most Americans realize. Driving while Black. In Dallas, during the late 70’s and early 80’s I was pulled over many times. I was usually pulled over because I was driving a nice car, in a nice neighborhood. I was young at the time. I had a routine. I turned the interior lights on so that everyone who wanted to see into the car could see everything. I would have my driver’s license and insurance card ready for the police officer. I was polite. Yes, Sir. No, Sir. I answered all of his questions quickly and concisely. I had no intention of going to jail and no intention of being an “accident”.

Now, to be honest. I did drive fast in those days and I did get tickets for speeding from time to time. But what I’m talking about is the weaving charge. It is a subjective reason to check out someone. If this kind of thing happened only once or twice, thenĀ it would be no big deal. It happens all of the time. I bet I got pulled over 3 to 4 times per year. I was never pulled over when I had one of my white friends in the car. It was almost always when I was by myself and driving in a very nice neighborhood. Finally, I must say that I haven’t been pulled over for DWB in years.

This interview with Representative Danny Davis is stupid. The questions are mind-numbingly simple.

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Talking While Driving

driving and talking on cell

Recently, I came within inches of hitting a pedestrian because I was talking on the cellphone while driving. I just did not see her. I had to swerve to avoid her and could not have missed her by more than a foot.

It’s that simple. I’m near certain that if I’d not been on the phone, I would have seen her. I could have hurt her or killed her. I might well now be facing charges and a lawsuit. All for nothing.

Like many people, I’ve taken up talking on the phone while driving to save time and to keep in touch with others with time that seemed like downtime. I’ve done this even though I knew it was the wrong course.

I feel a bit dumb even admitting what happened. Yet I know plenty of people who talk and drive. This practice has become, despite the risk of an accident, a fact of modern life.

I’m done with talking on the phone while driving.

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