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NFL Draft

I have lived long enough to see a number of highly rated, great prospects crash and burn. I have lived long enough to beleive that the draft is nothing more than a crap shoot. You can place these college students in all kinds of situations but you never know until they get on the field. Joe Montana and Tom Brady were both completely overlooked by the “smart” football brains. Ryan Leaf and Eric Couch are just two recent examples of folks who really didn’t live up to expectations.

So, I sit back and watch and hope that we will catch lightening in a bottle. We’ll see. Only four or five guys out of the 200 or so will be outstanding. Another 10 or so will be solid players for years to come. The rest will be less than average or a complete bust.

As a Dallas Cowboy fan, I wish that Jerry Jones could learn how to spot talent. I wish that the Cowboys could pick up an offensive lineman, a linebacker or two and a cover safety. That’s all I want.

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Does McCain Want the Draft?

Yesterday, an emotional woman stood up in Senator John McCain’s Town Hall in Las Cruses, New Mexico. She had a long rambling statement that ended with the suggestion that we will have to reinstate the draft if we are going to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell. McCain thanked the woman for her answer and then said that he didn’t disagree with anything that the woman said.

I don’t know if McCain heard all of the question or perhaps he zoned out. A draft? I think that a draft is necessary if are going to continue our occupation of Iraq and possibly invade or fight another county. We need more soldiers. On the other hand, this could be somewhat disastrous to McCain. A draft? I suspect that the McCain will have a statement out early in the morning re-stating what the Senator “meant” to say.

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Countdown – Reinstate the draft?

When you look at the craziness that is Iraq and in spite of the constant pronouncements of neocons, you have to come to the conclusion that Iraq is a mess. Over 300 people were killed or injured in another suicide bomb. Quelling an insurgency will take time. There are no shortcuts. Knowing that the Bush administration is committed to this war and without a 2/3’s vote in the Senate we are stuck. Period. So, how do we manage the Army and Marine Corp without breaking them? We need more people. We need to increase the size of both.

I don’t have an answer. I think that a draft will make more of the neocons (Romney) reconsider their position. Even if we start a draft tomorrow there won’t be any relief for our men and women in the field for some time. In my book, we need to start a pull out. We won’t be able to do that with a Republican president in the White House. So, the soonest that we could start a pull out will be January of 2009. That’s the reality as I see it.

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