Republicans try to doop Buncombe County voters

Representative Susan Fisher
NC House District 114


September 7, 2006
Contact: Beth Trigg, Campaign Manager

For immediate release

Representative Susan Fisher Decries Republican Internet Scam

Today Buncombe County Republican Party Chair George Keller was implicated in a scandal involving a fraudulent website which attempts to mislead voters in Buncombe County. The website purports to represent an “independent” organization; the organization seems not actually to exist and the website is actually the work of members of the Buncombe County Republican Party.

The site claims to be associated with a group called the “North Carolina Independent Public Policy Research Group (NCIPPRG),” which, the site claims, surveys and ranks legislators on how effective they are. The group’s name is strikingly similar to the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which is well-known for publishing an annual report ranking legislators. Both the authentic and the knock-off sites have lists of legislators ranked by effectiveness. The significant difference between the two lists is the elevating of the “effectiveness ratings” of Republican legislators and the low ratings of Buncombe County Democratic lawmakers, who were never surveyed by the sham organization. (more…)