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Afghanistan and Obama's surge

President Barack Obama gave a fantastic, marvelous, thoughtful, middle-of-the-road speech last night on Afghanistan. Barack Obama, in spite of his critics, looks for common ground in almost every debate. This is why he became president. He was able to appeal to a wide variety of people. So on the Afghanistan debate, there are clearly two camps. On the progressive side of this debate, bring all the troops home, now. On the conservative side of this debate, we cannot leave until the job is done. Barack Obama had to try to avoid some of President Clinton’s pitfalls. Remember, President Clinton lost support

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Dear Dairy – I'm trying not to hate Palin, but…

Dear Diary, I’m trying hard not to hate her or despise her, or vomit when I hear the words “Sarah Palin.” It is not that she has bad ideas. It’s not that she has an odd way of phrasing things. No, it’s more than that. I guess you could say that she is a Robo-Conservative. If you’re going to make a conservative politician, you would want to start with Ronald Reagan because of his folksiness. You then need to add some of the hypocrisy that Newt Gingrich brings to the table. Finally, you need to throw in some of the bullheadedness

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The Story of Mohammed Al-Qahtani

I’ve mentioned high-value terrorists. I wrote about Abu Zubaydah, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Mohammed Al-Qahtani (most of this story comes from Jane Mayer’s book, The Dark Side). In August 2001, prior to September 11, Al-Qahtani arrived at the Orlando airport in Florida.  He had $2800 in cash and no luggage.  He came here on a one-way ticket from Saudi Arabia and was refused entry into the country.  Further detective work, after 9/11, showed that Mohammed Atta was waiting for him in the parking lot.  Al Qahtani was captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan in December of 2001.  He was in United

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