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Something crazy going on in South Carolina

Alvin Greene. Mister Greene won the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Tuesday. How did this guy win? Was it one of those odd quirks that we see in politics from time to time? From my standpoint, I don’t know. From what I can see Mister Greene really did not run any campaign. It’s unclear how somebody who was on unemployment was able to afford the $10,000 needed to file an application with the board of elections.

Maybe this was some incredibly dynamic young man who was simply irresistible. Whereas some politicians have charisma, Alvin Greene has anti-charisma (see the video). This gentleman has been in the military and served both in the Army and the Air Force. He was discharged under somewhat interesting circumstances. (The Pentagon would not confirm whether he was honorably or dishonorably discharged. This is their standard procedure with all serviceman.) According to Greene, “things weren’t working out…” He appears to have a looming obscenity charge. This is the Democratic nominee for Senate.

Watch the video:

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There are some people who are upset with Keith Olbermann for interviewing Alvin Greene, who is relatively inarticulate. He never really faced the camera. He’s not gone through “basic training for politicians.” So, somehow it is Keith Olbermann’s fault for showing the world that this guy would have a lot of trouble running for dog catcher, let alone for the Senate. I don’t blame MSNBC or Keith Olbermann. I blame Alvin Greene.

As far as Alvin Greene being a poster child for the openness of elections, I think that this author is extremely misguided. I think, as others do, that there are some shenanigans going on. Could he have actually won the election without campaigning? Doubt it. Even in South Carolina people have to campaign in order to win. He had no word-of-mouth campaign. He had nothing. He did nothing. This whole thing smells rotten.

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Sometimes Politics is Really Funny

I’m reading Richard Wolffe’s article on Senator Barack Obama and his team in Newsweek. Wolffe is doing a good job in saying that Senator John McCain and Obama are getting ready to face each other. Obama is getting ready for an onslaught from the right. The article was going along nicely, until I get to this paragraph.

“The McCain campaign is now poring over Obama’s record, looking for weaknesses that can be exposed without race-baiting or hitting below the belt. They want to brand Obama as a “superduper liberal who is out of the mainstream,” says one McCain adviser who did not wish to be identified discussing internal campaign strategy.”

It is at this point I fall out of my chair laughing. Let me get this straight, Republicans are going to try to paint a Democratic candidate as liberal and out of the mainstream? Oh, and this is so top secret that the McCain adviser didn’t want to named. I’m still laughing.

In every major campaign from Maine to Florida and from California to Alaska, Republicans have tried to paint Democrats as liberals who are elitist and out of the mainstream. Geoffrey Nunberg, a linguist, wrote a great book in 2006 called “Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show.” Why would Richard Wolffe write about it as if it is a secret? This is standard operating procedure from Republicans. If a Democrat can’t fight off this now-lame and tired attack, he or she shouldn’t run for any office more important that dog catcher.

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