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Weekend Update – November 4, 2017

I wish I could tell you that I’m all upset over the new stories that are coming out of the DNC.  I’m not. My take is that the DNC stands for the Democratic National Committee. They are responsible for elected Democrats. They are not responsible for electing independents who at the last minute decide that they are a democrat in order to make it easier for them to get into primaries. That’s not their job. Every democrat in the country knew that Hillary had the DNC locked up which is why she was mostly unopposed. If the DNC was handing out money and support evenly then everyone would have jumped into the race.  Donna Brazile wants to sell books. It is that simple.

The much talked about tax plan from the GOP has been released. I’m not sure what they were doing for the past several weeks, this is basically a laundry list of everything that the GOP wants and kills just about everything that it hates. Giving money to the poor is bad according to the GOP. So even if the poor as earned a break it just isn’t right in the GOP playbook to give them anything. So let’s rework the Child Tax Credit. It looks better by increasing the credit from $1000 to $1600 per child. But the GOP changes the eligibility so that many poor Americans are left out in the cold.  Oh, let’s boost the estate tax so that tons of wealth Americans get more money.  In the mind of the GOP there isn’t a wealthy millionaire who shouldn’t get more money.  Here’s a nice Q and A about how the GOP will suck money out of your pocket and give it to the deserving millionaires.

BMW is recalling over million cars.

The Harvey Weinstein story is not really a new story. It is really unclear to me why or how it blew up  so big so quickly. As long as you have powerful men and vulnerable young women there is always going to be a problem. Whether is it the rich thing or the powerful thing, it happens to various degrees throughout our society. Weinstein is no worse than Cosby or any other powerful man who abuses his position and trust. But if we think for a second that by booting Weinstein out of our society the problem will go away, we are over simplifying the problem. I have no idea how to fix this problem. All I know is Weinstein isn’t the best or the worst. He is simply one powerful man who was allowed to get away with assault and harassment over and over and over again.

We were treated to some beautiful baseball in the world series. Congratulations to the World Champion Houston Astros!!!


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We need to do what? Where?

afghanistanI don’t know. I simply don’t get it. I voted for someone who was a progressive. I voted for someone who wanted us out of these wars. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say cause right now I don’t see it. 30,000 more troops. Why?

From TPM:

By June 1, there will be about 100,000 troops in Afghanistan with a mission of weakening the Taliban, rooting out Al Qaeda and helping the Afghan government bolster its own forces.

President Obama’s wartime decision comes after weeks of private Situation Room meetings between key Cabinet members, generals and his national security team. After nine of those meetings, Obama also has spoken with world leaders and allies who are backing him by sending more troops of their own.

Republicans after weeks of blasting Obama for taking too long already are hailing the decision as the right one. Meanwhile, left-leaning groups question the cost in both blood and treasure, and Code Pink is out with a tough new flier mocking Obama’s “hope” slogan and marching in front of the White House today. (more…)

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What's going on – Evening News RoundUp

Monday Evening News Roundup

Brookshire Hathaway, the investment group led by Warren Buffett, posted a third-quarter profit of $1.06 billion. This was a net income decrease by 77%. It is the fourth straight quarter of profit loss, but it must be understood that they made a profit. It was just less profit than they’ve made in the past.

Political Animal’s Hilzoy had a nice post this morning on trusting Barack Obama. Personally, I believe that Barack Obama will have trouble from the left and from the right. He will not be liberal enough for the left and he won’t be conservative enough for the right.

Barack Obama and his advisers are working on a plan to close Guantánamo Bay, which needed to be done two years ago. Well, to be honest, Guantánamo Bay should never have been opened as the come one, come all detention center for folks we had no idea what to do with. We should have spent the intellectual capital to figure out the problem.
China is planning a massive investment in its own infrastructure. They are looking at $586 billion worth of investment.

Senator Harry Reid seem to be supporting Joe Lieberman, while at the same time speaking out relatively strongly against Senator Ted Stevens. The Lieberman saga continues.

Al Franken continues to narrow his deficit against incumbent Senator Norm Coleman. Franken now trails by only 204 votes.

Governor Howard Dean plans to step down as chair of the Democratic National Committee. I guess when all the pundits said you were wrong and foolish to believe in a 50-state strategy and you prove that the pundits were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all morons…yep, it is time to step down.

MSNBC has extended Keith Olbermann’s contract and has given him any “healthy” raise. Congratulations, Keith.

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