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Let’s burn some books — not

I’m not sure why some Americans feel that burning books would accomplish anything. I’m not sure what motivates one to burn books. Looking back throughout history, I am hard pressed to find righteous individuals burning books. I remember back when DJs decided it was a good idea to burn CDs of the Dixie Chicks. These women had the nerve to stand up and say that invading Iraq was wrong. Now, the majority of the American people agree with the Dixie Chicks. So, what was accomplished? From TPM: As Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center gets ready to burn copies

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The Errington Thompson Show 2/17/07

I’m staying with the opening segment called Things that make you go… These are items that are odd, funny or head cracking. I interview Joe Cirincione from the Center for American Progress about the North Korean deal. Joe and I have chatted on the Errington Thompson before. He laid out a map back in October of how we could get an agreement. The Bush administration has followed his advice. (BTW, Joe has a new book out called Bomb Scare: The history and future of nuclear weapons. I’ll have Joe back on the show to discuss his new book.) I interview a

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Where’s the Outrage podcast 6-10-06

Well, everything is fair in love and war and I guess radio.  Some issues to start the show but then we get rollin’.  We play some Dixie Chicks to celebrate their independence and their new album.  Zarqawi is introduced to 2 500 lb bombs.  We talk to Aviva Aron-Dine from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities about the Paris Hilton Tax (Estate Tax). Jose Schiffino, a union activist, gives us the scoop on Coca-Cola hiring para-military groups to suppress union activity in Columbia.  All of this and more…

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