NFL Divisional playoffs

I posted my thoughts on the Patriots and Jaguars. So far, Jacksonville is playing well but not perfect.  (Update:  I was right.  The Jaguars receivers and secondary let them down.  The most painful play had to be Honeycutt’s drop inside the 5 yard line.  That was huge.  The Jags were forced to kick a field goal and then they are down 21 – 17.  If they were able to tie the game at 21 they then would have placed at least some pressure on the Patriots.)

Earlier today, the Green Bay Packers destroyed the Seattle Seahawks. There really isn’t much to say.

The Dallas Cowboys will play the New York Giants tomorrow evening. Where to start?

How the Cowboys win: The defense will need to stop the run. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are a great tandem. Bradshaw is fast, very fast. Jacobs is strong and powerful. The Cowboys need to keep the Giants in 3rd and long. Eli Manning can not get comfortable in the pocket. Plaxico Burress is the big play reciever. Well dressed Amani Toomer is the possession reciever. There is no Jeremy Shockey. Pressure Manning. Pressure Manning and then pressure Manning. This is the key to the game.

On offense, the Cowboys must not turn the ball over. The offensive line needs to make sure that Tony Romo is comfortable in the pocket. They have to open holes for Jones and Barber to run. Hitting a long one early to Terry Glenn will prove that he is back and ready to go. That will put a huge amount of pressure of the Giants secondary. Terrell Owens will need to get involved early. Basically, Romo has to be accurate. He is the engine that drives the Cowboys. IF he is on, the Cowboys are almost unstoppable.

How the Cowboys lose: Manning has all day to pass. The combination of Jacobs and Bradshaw have over 100 yards rushing. Romo has no time to throw and begins forcing things. Romo has 2 or 3 interceptions.