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Saturday Morning News Roundup

I know it is tornado season. I grew up in Dallas. I’ve seen tornadoes up close and personal. As a matter fact, a tornado ripped through my high school back in 1976 or 1977. It is still sad when an area that was just hit with a devastating tornado is hit again in such a short time. Oklahoma City, just a few miles north of Moore, Oklahoma, was hit with a series of devastating tornadoes. Currently, the news media’s reporting that five people are dead and scores are injured. The Weather Channel crew was caught up in a tornado that broke

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Sherlock Holmes: A Fun Game

There was a time long, long ago when it was fun to go to movies. The movies weren’t that expensive. They were easily available. If you lived in a big city, like Atlanta or Dallas, as I did, there was a huge variety of movies. Now, with expensive movie tickets, even more expensive concessions, irritated and downright rude patrons, moviegoing just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Also, we now have high definition TV at home with the movies of DirecTV and Netflix. It is almost more comfortable stay at home. So, I don’t go to movies is much

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Cowboys roll over for Cards

Congratulations! Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals. They played some football Sunday afternoon. I have DirecTV and the NFL Sunday ticket. With this combination of wizardry, I am able to see a good portion of most of the games. I have seen the Arizona Cardinals play some solid football for the first time since early in the Buddy Ryan era. They have simply been getting after people. Now if I knew that the Arizona Cardinals were going to play good football, you’d think the Dallas Cowboys would also know this. From the opening kickoff, it was clear who came to play. The opening kickoff was run back

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