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Senator Coburn – Same As It Ever Was

Yesterday, while on Face the Nation, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma began whistling the same old tune. A new devastating tornado, must demand budget cuts before disaster relief. Senator Coburn has been a vigorous supporter of offsets for disaster relief funding. Senator Coburn is living that old Talking Heads tune which has the refrain – Same As It Ever Was. Senator Coburn is again whistling the same tune. I guess this is probably a good thing. At least he’s been consistent. He is treating his own state exactly the same as he treated other states when they needed disaster relief, although

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The right freaks out over rapper’s invite to WH (Update)

This was very predictable. Some on the right have been trying to paint President Obama with the Black Stereotype brush. Remember Glenn Beck and others have stated that Obama has a deep seeded hatred of white people. There have been several racial cartoons depicting our president as a monkey or worse. So, the fact that Obama invited rapper Common to the White House is another opportunity for the Right to go nuts about rap music… except this rapper delivers a positive message. From Media Matters: Tonight, MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur reported on the freak-out by the right-wing media, including Fox News, about the

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