How did Bhutto die?

When you operate on someone who has a life-threatening injury, it is usually pretty clear why the patient died. We have heard nothing from the hospital where she was treated. Instead, we have heard several different types of rumors. Benazir Bhutto was killed by an assassin’s bullet. She was killed by shrapnel. Now, the government has stated that she died by hitting her head and sustaining a skull fracture. Now, as a surgeon, I can say without any doubt that who ever took care of former Prime Minister Bhutto knows the real answer. This isn’t even hard.

The finger pointing continues.


From WaPo:

The government, contradicting earlier reports that she had been killed by bullets or shrapnel, said Friday that Bhutto died from a fractured skull sustained when her head slammed into a sunroof lever on top of her armored SUV, apparently as a result of the blast from a suicide bomber’s explosives.

Pakistan’s interior minister, Hamid Nawaz, blamed the attack on the al-Qaeda terrorist network and Afghanistan’s Taliban movement — radical Islamic groups that have found support in Pakistan’s unruly tribal areas after being driven from power in neighboring Afghanistan in 2001. But Bhutto supporters assigned responsibility to the government of President Pervez Musharraf, charging that, at a minimum, it refused to take adequate steps to protect Bhutto following her return from exile in October, when she narrowly escaped an even deadlier assassination attempt. (more…)